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Gold bangle designs

Add these sleek gold bangle designs for daily use to amp up your office look book

Gold Bangles Design for Daily Use to Add to Your Jewellery Collection

Are you on the lookout for sleek gold bangles design for daily use? Well, you’re in the right place! Check out these fantastic pieces to add to your jewellery box. 

1. Sleek Pearl Bangles

It is a simple gold bangles design for daily use that you should include in your jewellery collection. The elegant pearl bangle design is made using freshwater white pearls that add a bit of spunk to your office look. The pearls are intricately fixed together around the alloy bangle frame that’s perfect for your everyday use.  

2. Colourful Pearl Bangles

If you’re looking out for gold bangles design for daily use that has bright colours, then a pair of mixed coloured pearl bangles like this will be perfect. Beautiful white seed pearls are stringed carefully around the gold-plated bracelets with multi-coloured stones that give your office outfit an edge.

3. Diamond Ruby Bangle

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and this gold bangles design for daily use proves just that. It is a gorgeous diamond ruby and  gold bangle that should find its way in your regular jewellery collection. Made with 18-kt gold, this design has square-shaped diamond motifs carefully assembled by ovular rubies. This bangle is for anyone aiming to pull off a sophisticated office look.

4. Ruby and Emerald Pearl Bangle

Grab this one-of-a-kind gold bangles design for daily use if you’re looking for something simple, yet vibrant. This ruby and emerald pearl bangles are made with white seed pearls that are placed together to create a stunning and elegant design. It also has a ruby and emerald stone. These bangles come with an adjustable clip with red stones, making it convenient for daily use.

5. Floral Pearl Designed Bangles

Floral  gold bangle design for daily use are always a good idea, especially if they look as pretty as this bangle. These delicate pearl bangles with multi-coloured stones are intricately placed around the bangle frame. Different stones of white, green and pink colour are used, making it quite an impressive design when it comes to daily use bangles. These bangles are especially convenient for people who prefer ethnic wear for their office.

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