Kundan Jewellery

The Craft of Kundan:  Celebrating Artistry in Indian Jewellery

Wanting to own Kundan jewellery sets? That’s right, as almost every Indian woman does. They want to look elegant and exquisite, especially during their wedding day.

It is among the oldest system of making jewellery in India, making use of precious coloured stones such as sapphire, rubies, pearls, diamonds, emeralds, agate, and crystals, which are implanted in gold or silver designs. The result is a unique jewellery style that never goes out of fashion.

The craft of Kundan, during its starting days, was a time-consuming process and required craftsmen with the ability and knowledge to create pieces with intricate detailing. Due to this, this type of jewellery was only crafted for the royal families.

However, it changed. After a significant amount of time, Kundan jewellery gold evolved, and it became more affordable for the common masses.

Being affordable in this sense does not mean the jewellery is very cheap. Rather, it is considered still pricey because of the gold or silver and the gemstones embedded in them. Today, the 22k gold Kundan jewellery sets price at roughly Rupee 3,70,169, but it’s worth it because of the crafting process and cultural and historical facts associated with it.

The jewellery set includes:



              Matha Patti or hair accessory

              Rani Haar or neckpiece

              Hand Harness, Nose ring, Nose Pin, and Anklets.

Kundan pieces can be paired with Indian traditional and Indo-Western outfits, and they can be worn for any special occasion and formal gatherings. Having it is a good investment, too, because the Kundan never goes out of fashion, and it is well worth the cost.

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