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The Language of Stones:  Symbolism of Kundan Jewellery

Have you ever wondered why Kundan jewellery is a very popular accessory in this period, and that is even outside of India? The reason for its popularity lies in the regal look it provides the person wearing it, and the onlookers are just thunderstruck at its elegance and beauty. 

Kundan originated in the royal courts of Rajasthan and has a captivating history, just like every piece. The specialty of Kundan is that it is like gold, and its royal origin gives it more prominence. Hence, it is also called Bikaneri or Jaipuri jewellery. 

22k gold kundan jewellery sets prices are reasonable at Krishna Jewellers. Nobody will dislike these motifs, and the best part is that they look light and are durable. The allure of gold has existed all over the world since time immemorial. Gold has made an in-depth mark on everybody’s mind and will never go out of fashion. The best part about gold is tomorrow, it can be exchanged for a gold loan, too. 

Gold will match any outfit. Moreover, Kundan jewellery is a hallmark of royalty and regality. You will never look underdressed with Kundan jewellery gold. You can even gift it to your sister or sister-in-law if you feel you have worn it enough after some time, and they will never refuse it, as gold is timeless.

In India, jewellery has some sentiments attached to it, and certain ones need to be mandatorily there for that ritual. Nevertheless, rather than being a mere accessory, it is seen as a symbol of status, heritage, and prestige also. The detailed designs and use of gemstones in precious metals symbolise prosperity and affluence. During weddings, festivals, and special occasions, this jewelry is the mark of celebration, adding joy and grace to festive activities. Still, in many places in India, the jewellery of the bride-to-be is displayed to close relatives and friends before the wedding. 

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