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Gold Bracelet Design

Stone Studded Or Gold Detailing, There’s A Gold Bracelet Design For Every Girl

Bracelets are worn by people all over the world to enhance their look. Gold bracelet designs for girls come in various designs and patterns to suit everyone. Right from simple charms to elaborate pieces that one could flaunt for a special occasion, bracelets are easily available. 

So, whether it’s that stone-studded bracelet or a gold detailing piece, here is a list of some of the best gold bracelet designs for girls to choose for any occasion. 

  1. Elegant Gold Diamond Bracelet

When it comes to gold bracelet designs for girls, diamonds are the most popular choice. A gold diamond bracelet can be matched with any attire as it looks perfect and elegant. Take a look at this gold diamond bracelet that has drop-shaped diamonds fixed in the centre with round shaped diamonds placed beautifully in a two-line leaf shape design. 

2. The Perfect Gold Emerald Bracelet

Emerald and gold is another great combination when choosing gold bracelet designs for girls. Emerald stones are popular when it comes to wedding jewellery. It gives any form of jewellery a grand look. Emeralds, when teamed with diamonds and gold, are perfect for a grand occasion. This gold with diamond emerald bracelet can be worn with a saree, lehenga, or even a gorgeous gown. You can select gold bracelet designs for girls just like this if you have a special occasion coming up anytime soon. 

3. Gold Navaratna Bracelet

If you’re a woman who loves a mix of colourful stones with your jewellery, then gold bracelet designs for girls like this would be perfect for you. This gold Navaratna bracelet is an 18-carat gold bracelet that’s studded with beautiful Navaratna stones and Polki diamonds. 

4. Diamonds Yellow Gold Bracelet

If you’re looking out for gold bracelet designs for girls that are simple yet fancy, then this yellow gold bracelet is the one for you. This gold bracelet comes with glossy twin emeralds and sparkling diamonds. So, whether it’s that saree or a lovely evening gown, pair it up with gold bracelet designs for girls just like this and you could never go wrong. 

5. Rose Gold And Diamond Bracelet

Gold bracelet designs for girls are also available in beautiful combinations of gold and diamond patterns. These type of bracelets are perfect for occasions such as a cocktail or dinner party. This rose gold and ruby bracelet goes well with a variety of ethnic as well as western attires.

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