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How to find the perfect wedding jewelry gift?

Finding the perfect wedding jewelry gift is no easy task, as a gift has no value if the receiver doesn’t find it worthwhile and it’s the responsibility of the giver to ensure that this doesn’t happen. You should always try to gift a newly married couple something, which has investment value like gold or some functional jewelry.

But before that, let us look into; What you should bear in mind, before purchasing a wedding jewelry gift:

  • First and foremost; you should know the fact that there are two types of gold; yellow and white. Yellow is considered more traditional, whereas white is more contemporary and trendier. So basically, it depends on whom you are purchasing the jewelry? Like for the traditional couple types, you’ll go in for yellow gold, and for the more modern ones, white gold is advisable.
  • Secondly, you should set your budget; for a budget up to Rs. 10,000, you can go in for smaller items, like a small nose pin or a set of earrings. If your budget is bigger, you can go in for a gold or diamond necklace.
  • The next thing is, you should know about the preferences of the person you are going to gift the jewelry to; because if the gift is not of the choice of the receiver, he/she might not wear it. Like for example, you take a pendant or bracelet for a groom, who doesn’t like to wear much jewelry, then he might not want to wear the bracelet, but instead, if you would have gifted him with some functional jewelry like cufflinks or a watch, he would have loved it.
  • You can also gift the newly wedded couple a chain with spiritual motifs like an ‘Om’ or ‘Cross’ on the pendant or any other piece of jewelry. While gifting, always ensure that you give motifs of the deity; the receiver worships and not of the deity you worship.

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