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Uncut Diamond Jewellery

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Uncut Diamond Jewellery

Discover exquisite collections of Bridal Uncut Diamond Jewellery at Krishna Jewellers. We take pride in crafting a wide variety of jewellery for multiple occasions in accordance with your planned budgets. Our Uncut Diamond jewellery collections include the Bridal range, along with a variety in Indian Uncut Diamond Earrings, Chokers, Necklaces, Bangles, Bracelets, Rings, Pendants and Necklace sets.

We take our jewellery very preciously and seriously. Our jewellery is designed and crafted with attention to detail and finesse. In Uncut Diamond Jewellery, the details are a priority, so we make sure to define fine uncut diamond jewellery with intention. Buy real uncut diamond jewellery crafted with gold detailing, floral motifs, bird motifs, mesh designs and many other trendy designs.

Find your favourite Uncut Diamond Jewellery pieces crafted with love at Krishna Jewellers.

Uncut Diamond Earrings

Find your match for a pair of real uncut Diamond Earrings for your scenes of glamour. Discover a wide range of uncut diamond earrings – Uncut Diamond Temple Jewellery, Uncut Diamond Studs, Uncut Diamond studded Jhumkas, Uncut Diamond hoop earrings, Uncut Diamond drop earrings, Uncut Diamond hanging earrings, Uncut Diamond ChandBali earrings, along with Daily wear Uncut Diamond earrings, Emerald studded Uncut Diamond earrings and Statement Earrings.

Our Diamond Earring Collections are designed with charm and studded with rubies, emeralds and varied coloured stones. Our most favourite jewellery is a pair of graceful Jhumkas from the Uncut Diamond Collection, studded with fine diamonds, rubies and emeralds. Statement earrings and studs, with a combination of diamonds and fine coloured stones make beautiful pieces of wearable art. They signify expression when adorned and speak fluently in the language of charm.

Uncut Diamond Necklaces

An Uncut Diamond necklace adds bling to your look like nothing else. It stays unmatched when adorned and beautifully bejewels your neck. Uncut Diamond Necklaces are crafted in different styles- Bridal Uncut Diamond Necklace designs, Gold Uncut Diamond Necklace designs, Light weight Uncut Diamond Necklace, Polki Uncut Diamond Necklace, Simple Uncut Diamond Necklace designs, Uncut Diamond Necklaces for Weddings and Uncut Diamond Choker Necklaces. These exquisite pieces of jewellery are crafted in floral patterns, droplet patterns and in combination with beautiful white dangling pearls. The pieces are expressive and majestic when adorned, and fluently mesmerize anyone who takes a glance at it.

Uncut Diamond Chokers

Diamond Chokers carry a sense of majestic beauty that will elevate any look. We know you love your chokers and we love them too. Our Collections of Bridal Uncut Diamond Chokers are heavily crafted in Gold and are sure to turn many heads for a second look; and maybe even a third look. They’re carefully crafted with a charming appeal for your occasions, and can be paired with the desired necklace designs too.

Uncut Diamond Necklace sets

One of our favourites are the Uncut Diamond Necklace and Earrings sets. We craft these gorgeous sets for many occasions – Wedding Uncut Diamond Necklace sets, Real Uncut Diamond Necklace sets and Bridal Uncut Diamond Necklace sets. These majestic and classy necklaces are crafted in different styles – Uncut Diamond Necklaces with beautiful dangling pendants, multi-layered necklaces with gorgeous earrings and traditional Uncut Diamond jewellery studded with Navaratna stones, emeralds, rubies.

Uncut Diamond Pendants

Add a tinge of charm to your gold chains and necklaces with our Uncut Diamond Pendant Collections at Krishna Jewellers. These real uncut Diamond Pendants are crafted in Gold with Lakshmi Devi motif, Lord Krishna motif and beautiful floral motifs. They have a charming appeal when adorned and can be layered with a Haram, Choker or a Necklace for a fuller, majestic look.

Uncut Diamond Bangles

For a whole look of Indian Uncut Diamond Jewellery- a pair of bangles are like the final touch to perfection- they complete the look like no other jewellery. These pieces are crafted out of elegance and charm, and they are of different kids- Designer Uncut Diamond Bangles, Bridal Uncut Diamond Bangles, Single Line Uncut Diamond Bangles, Modern Uncut Diamond Bangles, Real Uncut Diamond Bangles and Daily wear Uncut Diamond Bangles. These designs are crafted in Gold with floral motifs and mesh designs, and studded with coloured stones, rubies and emeralds crafted in elegant designs

Uncut Diamond Bracelets

If you are bored of bangle pairs or you think they seem simple for the look, bracelets are the perfect alternative for you. Indian Uncut Diamond Bracelets are an elegant alternative for making a statement on your wrists with not too many clanking bangles. Single line bracelets studded with Uncut Diamonds and Uncut Diamond Kadas are crafted beautifully with floral motifs and Lakshmi Devi motifs. They are designed in different designs, and can be paired with both modern and traditional jewellery.

Uncut Diamond Rings

Add some bling to your fingers with gorgeous Uncut Diamond rings. Uncut Diamond Rings are of different kinds- Designer Polki Diamond Rings, Uncut Diamond Polki Engagement Rings for Women, Uncut Diamond Engagement Rings for Men, Couple Uncut Diamond Rings. The rings are intricately crafted in Gold with delicate, elegant designs in lovely floral motifs and royal, statement designs.

Uncut Diamond Vaddanam

There is no jewellery like a Vaddanam studded with uncut diamonds for a complete traditional look. An Uncut Diamonds Vaddanam adds a ton of beauty to a Pattu Saree. These Beautiful vaddanams are crafted delicately with uncut diamonds, emeralds and rubies and dangling pearls. The designs are of different types- 3 in 1 Polki Vaddanam, Latest Uncut Diamond Vaddanam.