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Kanaka Vruksham Advance Purchase Plan



1.The Kanaka Vruksham Advance Purchase Plan is a flexible 10-month plan that includes a bonus instalment on the completion of the 11-month plan. Customers are required to make equal instalments over 10 months, and krishna jewellers-pearls and gems will provide the additional instalment as a bonus in the 11th month.

2. Enrollment in the Advance Purchase Plan is open to anyone by completing a simple form.

3. Customers have the option to select any denomination starting at a multiple of Rs 5000/- minimum Rs 15000/-

4. An advance receipt will be issued for every payment made.

5. After completing the 10 installment, customers must wait for 30 days before they can purchase jewellery.

6. The maturity date will be exactly 330 days from the date of enrollment.


1. Krishna Jewellers-Pearls & Gems reserves the right to suspend the plan at any time or make changes to the plan. In such a situation, a member will have the option to purchase any item equivalent to the deposited amount. Any disputes arising will be subject to the jurisdiction of the competent courts under Hyderabad's jurisdiction.

2. By agreeing to the terms and conditions, I express my desire to become a member of the KV Advance Purchase Plan.


1. Purchasing gold, diamond, or silver articles equivalent to the full advance amount is compulsory upon the conclusion of the 11-month (330-day) duration. The advance amount will not be refunded under any circumstances. Moreover, the option to acquire 24-carat gold coins / bar silver coins /bars is not included in this plan.

2. The cost of the jewellery will be determined based on the current rates of gold, silver, or diamonds on the day of the actual purchase.

3. In the Kanaka Vruksham Advance Purchase Plan, it is expected that the member consistently makes timely payments at regular intervals every month without any exceptions. If there is a failure to make payment in any month or multiple months, the member will only be eligible to make a final purchase up to the amount of the deposited advance, giving up all the aforementioned benefits.

4. If a member decides to withdraw prematurely from the Kanaka Vruksham Advance Purchase Plan, they will have the option to purchase jewelry using the accumulated advance amount but without receiving any associated benefits.

5. Under the Kanaka Vruksham Advance Purchase Plan, members are not eligible to avail themselves of any additional benefits or discounts provided by Krishna Jewellers-Pearls & Gems.

6. Upon successfully completing all 10 monthly installment payments, which is equivalent to 300 days from the date of joining, members will be entitled to a bonus of 100% on one month's installment.

7. This Jewellery Purchase Plan is distinct and will not be associated with any existing or future plans/offers.

8. The duration of this Jewellery Purchase Plan is 11 months, and it cannot be transferred under any circumstances.

9. To ensure material reservation and to avail the "20% V.A. & 30% Making Charges DISCOUNT" benefit as per the Jewellery Advance Purchase Saving Plan, members must consistently pay the agreed monthly subscription amount for 11 months without any exceptions. It is mandatory to pay one installment per month (from the 1st to the 30th), and payments cannot be made in advance or carried over. The advance payment made for purchasing jewellery under this plan will not bear any interest.

10. Minor individuals are ineligible to become applicants/members under this Advance Purchase Plan.

11. When joining the Jewellery Purchase Plan, the member has the option to appoint a nominee by providing the KYC documents of both themselves and the nominee.

12. Payments of installments beyond the specified period, as well as payments of multiple installments, will not be accepted. If a member fails to make continuous installment payments, the plan will be discontinued without prior notice.

13. Monthly installments can be paid through various methods, such as debit cards, UPI, and online transactions. Members should ensure to obtain a receipt when making payments directly at the respective branch.

14. If a member wishes to purchase an amount exceeding the accumulated balance, full value added tax (V.A.) and making charges will be applicable to the excess amount.

15. Members will be required to pay the applicable Stone Charges for all stone ornaments. Additional charges will be applicable for special items such as Oddiyanam, Nagaz, etc.

16. It is expected that members keep their membership cards updated at regular intervals. The original membership card must be surrendered when receiving the jewellery. The person who signed the application form should also sign the invoice and Jewellery Purchase Plan card when making a purchase or receiving the jewellery.

17. If the member fails to take delivery of the jewellery within 365 days from the date of enrollment, a sale invoice will be generated in the member's name for the sale of the jewellery. The applicable GST on the sale value will be paid to the Government. The weight of the ornaments due to the member will be held as "stock in custody" by the company until the member takes delivery. The company will inform the member about this matter via registered mail to the registered address provided in the application form at the time of joining the plan.

18. It is important to notify the Company promptly in the event of a change in address or loss of the membership card. The member must submit a written request for a duplicate card, along with the necessary KYC documents.

19. The member is responsible for bearing the full cost of the applicable GST. If there is an increase in taxes or the introduction of new levies/taxes, the member will also be responsible for bearing those additional expenses.

20. The company retains the right to modify, amend, add, or remove any part or all of the privileges of the Jewellery Purchase Plan without prior notice or suspend the plan entirely. In such cases, refunds will not be issued, and the member will be able to purchase any item from the showroom equal to the accumulated amount credited to their account.

21. Online payments will be accounted for based on the actual day of payment, taking into consideration any technical delays in receiving payments made through online methods or by cheque. The receipts will be deducted from the member's account, and KJPG will not be held responsible for any discrepancies.

22. Members are allowed to collect their jewellery from any KJPG showroom within the state where they enrolled in the plan.

23. All disputes arising from the Jewellery Purchase Plan are subject to the jurisdiction of the competent courts in Hyderabad, Telangana State.

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