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Statement South Indian jewellery pieces to go with every outfit

Nothing could be prettier than a woman decked in traditional Kanjeevaram saree and wearing traditional South Indian jewellery. As the modern Indian woman, one puts on a variety of different types of clothing. Irrespective of what she wears, there will be a piece of South Indian jewellery that is just right for the occasion.

1. Lakshmi Gold Bangle Kada

Made in 22-carat gold, this beautiful Kada is fitted with red Polki stone. Carved with intricate designs of Goddess Lakshmi, this traditional South Indian jewellery has a stunning look. Irrespective of whether you are wearing an Anarkali suit, lehenga or a saree, this will make you stand out and shine like the Goddess herself.

2. Ruby Emerald Pearl Choker

Inspired by the elegance of a peacock, this multi-stone gold kundan choker necklace will go well with clothing of any type or colour. The moonlike pearls add a royal touch to the artistic work of rubies, emerald, and polkis. This piece of South Indian jewellery is a must-have in the collection of all jewellery enthusiasts.

3. Gold and Pearl Jhumka Earring

This tastefully designed jhumka gives a contemporary feel to the traditional South Indian jewellery. This piece of jewellery will go just as well with a one-piece dress or gown as it would complement a silk saree. Fitted with CZ stone and pearls, the overall weight of this piece of gold earrings is just 15.9 gram, thereby making it extremely comfortable to wear for long parties.

4. Nakshi Gold Waist Vaddlanam

This traditional South Indian jewellery, goes well with any possible outfit that you can think of. The Vaddlanam has intricate nakshi designs in yellow gold and is fitted with precious Ruby stones. With a contemporary touch to

5. Floral Yellow Gold Ring

Made in 22-carat gold, this traditional South Indian jewellery is not just a beauty to look at, but it is also very comfortable to wear. The weight of the ring is only 2.36 grams, making it ideal regular wear. If you are a modern woman whose clothing choice often fluctuates from that of jeans to saree, then this is the perfect engagement ring for you.

6. Nakshi Gold Antique Bangles

These antique bangles have detailed nakshi work all over and are a collector’s delight. The grace of this piece of South Indian jewellery is immortal. The tastefully set rubies make it an ideal party wear. Such is the elegance of the bangle that it complements any clothing that one may choose to wear.

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