Silver Pooja Products 2021

If you are looking for some essential silver pooja products needed to perform this religious ritual, the best way for you to find these is by visiting the website 

Pooja is a religious practice performed mostly by Hindus.  The people are seeking Divine blessings during this worship service.  They want to experience positive energies and get rid of all the negatives.

At Krishna Jewellers Pearls & Gems we have many silver pooja items that you can browse and choose from.  We have bells and Abhishek vessels, and some products like oil lamps, bowls, haldi, and kumkum containers.  Take a look at some more of our silver pooja products 2021 and we are very sure that you can easily pick the best item for your pooja ceremony. 

Silver Panchapatra with Accmani – used to hold the panchamrit (Charan Amrit), before the ritual begins and then distribute at the end.

Silver flower basket – to contain flowers that are an integral part of the pooja.

Silver Pooja chatra  – hung above the images or idols of the deity, for prosperity and wealth.

Silver banana tree  –  Symbolizes Vishnu “the saviour”;  also believed to bring peace, happiness, and financial stability.

Silver Duja –  represents good luck, wellness, and purity. Silver Pooja thali – where all the materials required for the pooja are placed.

Silver incense stick stand – the fragrance that rises, when the incense sticks are burned will clear the mind of devotees and elevate the spirit.

Have you found what you like to buy?  We have more to offer to you, so please get in touch with us by calling our phone number 91- 8499011111 or sending us an email at .  These silver pooja products listed above can be used also in gifting during housewarming and other celebrations. 

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