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Must have bridal jewellery for every Indian bride

Indian Bridal Jewellery You Have to Consider for Your Big Day

Getting married soon? Here’s your guide to bridal jewellery that will make your bridal collection stand out. Check it out. 

1. Diamond Yellow Gold Choker

Diamond Yellow Gold Choker

Chokers are a must-have when it comes to bridal jewellery. It brings out the best in a bride. This diamond gold choker necklace is elegant and gorgeous. It is made with high-quality diamonds and rubies that are symmetrically set to bring out the beauty in the piece. Made using yellow gold, this choker is a perfect choice for weddings.

2. Diamond Peacock Choker Necklace

Diamond Peacock Choker Necklace

This piece is yet another spectacular yellow gold choker necklace to add to your bridal jewellery collection. A stunning diamond peacock choker necklace like this is perfect for the classic Indian bride. The ruby studded diamond choker comes with beautiful floral and peacock motifs that enhance the overall look of the jewellery. 
3. Ruby Pearl Kundan Jhumka

Pearl Kundan Jhumka

Your bridal jewellery would be incomplete without a pair of stunning earrings. This pair of kundan jhumkas are embellished with pearls, rubies, and emeralds. Crafted in yellow gold, these sparkling earrings would be a cherished piece for every bride. 

4. Kempu Kundan Earrings

Kundan Earrings

This bridal jewellery pair of Kempu kundan earrings are perfect for your look. It is especially suitable for brides who want to go with a floral and elegant look. Made with 24k gold, it’s crafted in kundan, uncut diamonds, pearls and rubies that will elevate your bridal look for sure. 

5. Elegant Kundan Bangle

Kundan Bangles

When it comes to bridal jewellery, bangles are something that completes the bridal look. The picture above shows an emerald and polki kundan bangle that embodies grace and class. This bangle is crafted in yellow gold and made using beautiful emeralds and polkis that will enhance your feminine charm. Make sure to add this to your bridal jewellery collection.

6. Sparkling Kundan Bangle

Sparkling Kundan Bangle

Bring out the best in your bridal attire with bridal jewellery pieces that are especially made for the day. This ruby and polki kundan bangle comes with rose-cut flat diamonds that are skillfully crafted in yellow gold. Go ahead and add sparkle with this fabulous piece that will grab attention right away. 

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