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Jewellery Care

It’s a fact that jewellery is one of our most cherished and treasured accessories. However, it takes no time for the sparkle to fade, especially if you’re wearing a piece on a regular basis, or even if it’s just sitting in your jewellery box! Indulging in jewellery care can certainly make a world of difference in keeping your heirlooms shining for generations to come. Keep your beloved sparklers sparkling with this list and your jewellery will look as good as new!

Revive your Pearls

Being so porous, pearls can easily lose their luster. Whether real or faux, cleaning pearls must be done very carefully. When necessary, wipe your pearls with a damp, soft cloth and remember to use only cleaners that are clearly marked safe for pearls. Never use ultrasonic cleansers, dish or wash detergents, bleaches, baking soda or ammonia based cleansers.

Make sure to always take off your pearls before using any cosmetics, hair spray or perfume and avoid heat and dry air as it can cause pearls to turn brown, dry out, and crack.

Rediscover the Radiance of Gold

Gold doesn’t tarnish, but it can get really dull by the oils from your skin, body lotion, makeup or other substances. The best method to clean gold at home is to use white vinegar and a soft cloth. Mix a few drops of vinegar with warm water and dip your Gold Jewellery into the mixture for a few minutes. Use a soft toothbrush to gently scrub the jewellery. Lastly, remove the jewellery from the water, rinse it and dry thoroughly with a soft polishing cloth to rediscover the radiance of your favorite gold jewellery.

Renew the Gleam of Gemstones

We often forget to wipe our jewellery after wearing it, but it’s important to keep your gemstones wiped up and neat to keep the shine alive. Cleaning your gemstones after they get dirty is only part of proper care.

Gemstones are delicate and so avoid applying perfumes, colognes, and hairsprays before you put on Gemstone Jewellery. These chemicals do not just reduce gem brilliance, but they can get highly destructive to a few gemstones, by reacting violently to acid and alcohol.

Relish the Dazzling Diamonds

While Diamonds are forever, special care should be taken when handling these precious pieces. Make sure to keep your bracelet away from chlorine or harsh chemicals, as this would spoil your Diamonds. Proper jewellery storage is often overlooked in its care. Remember, Diamonds should never be tossed into a drawer or on top of a dresser − that’s just inviting more scratches and damaged gems.

Jewellery boxes with individually padded slots are ideal to store your precious jewellery. With a tad bit of care, you can keep your jewellery as gorgeous as ever!

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